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Oral Steroids - The Best Option for Beginners

Oral steroids are one of the types of anabolics for gaining muscle mass for those athletes who don’t want or can’t use injections.

Oral Steroids

Are Oral Steroids Worse Than Injecting Steroids For Muscle Growth?

No. The effect on muscle growth from taking oral or injection steroids is the same, they differ in how they are taken.

Are Oral Steroids Safe?

Side effects from oral steroids can occur if you exceed the dose or recommended course length.

How Do Oral Steroids Help Muscle Growth?

Oral steroids increase the natural level of testosterone in the body.

Are Oral Steroids Good For Bodybuilding?

Yes. Oral and injection steroids are widely used by bodybuilders around the world.

How Many Types of Oral Steroids?

Almost all types of steroids exist in the tablet and injection form. They may differ in dosage and anabolic-androgenic effect.