Shipping Details

What postal service de you work with?

  •  DHL
  • GLS
  • DPD
  • CTT

How do we ship our parcels?

All of our products can be shipped worldwide and the packages are kept very safe and very discreet.

The size of the parcel is never oversized so that it reduces any unnecessary suspicion regarding the contents of the package. 

If the order is too large to fit in one parcel, it will automatically be divided into two or more parcels and sent as separate smaller 

parcels at slightly delayed times between each other. This ensures the parcels don’t arrive for processing at customs control at the same time, 

which could otherwise lead to both parcels being seized if one of them was found to be suspicious and inspected. 

How do we ship bulk/large orders?

As stated, usually the order is divided into the necessary number of separate smaller packages, depending on the size of your order. 

We still ensure that the same discretion level is taken regardless of the size of your order. 

If you have a large order, you can also expect to have parcels turn up at you one or two days 

What is the cost of shipping?

If your order is >250€, the shipping cost is 20€ and is paid by the customer.

If your order is <250€ shipping is free to any country.


Delivery Details

How successful are your deliveries?

We ensure you that all of our packages are shipped with maximum discretion and that all of the products are packed with extreme care to both protect the items being damaged during transit, but also to not raise any unwanted attention which may reveal the contents of the parcels.

We have a virtually flawless record of getting our parcels to our customers successfully, with nearly all of them receiving their parcels with no issues experienced along the way at all. 

This is mainly due to our expertise in discreetly packing the items, and always giving the same level of attention and care to every order for every customer. 


Our Reshipping Policy?

  1. If a package is more than 30 days late, it is deemed lost.
  2. Because the postal service can be inconsistent, the first complaint regarding postal delays should be submitted no later than the 15th day after the estimated arrival date. Shorter delays are insignificant.
  3. To avoid further issues, a new shipping address is required. If you do not provide us with a new shipping address, we will still reship your package to the original address, but delivery will not be guaranteed. As a result, if your parcel is lost en route to the same destination a second time, we will not reship it.
  4. If a missing product from your late delivery is out of stock at the time it needs to be reshipped, you have two options: wait for the new stock to arrive at our warehouse or accept a substitute product up to the total value of the original product’s price. In this scenario, we’ll replace your products with similar or better-quality alternatives of an equivalent brand or product line.
  5. If your package has been confiscated and you have received a letter notifying you of its seizure, we ask that you submit a support ticket as well as scan and send the seizure letter to our team. After they review the letter and the reshipment has been approved, you will need to provide us with an alternative address for reshipment.
  6. Because the sender’s return address on the package sent to you is fabricated, if the postal service attempts to return the order to that address we will not receive it. It’s important therefore that you submit a support ticket detailing the reason for returning the order or speak with a member of our staff so they can help resolve the issue.
  7. Packages that go missing due to an incorrect address being entered will not be re-shipped. So, please take care when filling in the address fields for your order.
  8. If items were missing from your order when it arrived, or you received the wrong products from what you ordered, we will compensate you with a free reshipment of the missing items at our expense.
  9. If any of the products you ordered arrive damaged, or if they are unusable, we ask you to first submit a support ticket to our customer care team and include a photograph of the damaged products, labels, and packaging so that we can remedy the situation.