Steroids for bodybuilding. Who needs them?


Training option. Do athletes need steroids for bodybuilding?


The history of bodybuilding in modern terms begins its way from the 19th century, and the founder of bodybuilding is called Friedrich Wilhelm Müller. The Prussian bodybuilder who laid the foundations for modern bodybuilding. He popularized sports and by his example showed that a beautiful, muscular body is something to strive for and something that every person who devotes enough time and effort to training should be proud of.

As we know, bodybuilding in its understanding is what it means. Athlete does not just lift weights or do the exercise, he builds his body during training.  In competitive sports or posing, a person with a bodybuilder figure is one who has a large proportionally developed muscle, a small percentage of fat, and relief. All this can be achieved only by long training, and the proper diet, and if we are talking about bodybuilding, then steroids are also included in this list. After all, it is almost impossible to build big muscles and look competitive without the use of supplements.  It is for this reason why bodybuilders seek help from different types of steroids for bodybuilding.

What do we know about bodybuilding steroids?


In the 1930s, when scientists first synthesized testosterone, it was used to treat patients with hormonal problems.  Steroids are also prescribed for people with growth hormone deficiency or natural testosterone. Nowadays, steroids are used by:

  • professional bodybuilders
  • amateur athletes who want more impressive physical form and relief muscles
  • people who want to become stronger and more enduring.

Gradually, year after year, anabolic steroids have become part of the training process. From an exclusively medical drug for the treatment of specific diseases, steroids have become a whole part of sports pharmacology and a serious argument in bodybuilding. Many companies that produce steroid drugs produce separate lines for athletes. Drugs with the proper dosage for an entire course of the application make it easier for an athlete to calculate the necessary amount of steroids for his training cycle.


Steroids that athletes take in bodybuilding are called anabolic steroids or anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS). These drugs include natural androgens such as testosterone and a number of synthetic androgens similar in structure and effect to natural testosterone produced in the human body. They differ in their effect on the body and have respectively anabolic and androgenic effects.


Anabolic Effects of Steroids:

  • Power gain
  • Increase in endurance
  • Bone fortification
  • Muscle growth
  • Decrease in the level of subcutaneous fat


The androgenic effects of steroids can be attributed to the side effects, they include increased libido, hair growth, acne, and suppression of the production of own testosterone.

What types of steroids are used in bodybuilding?


To build a beautiful body, athletes not only train and follow a diet. They use a lot of supplements that help them in the training process. These are various pre-training complexes to ensure that  there is enough energy for the lessons during the training. For exemple vitamin and omega 3 complexes to strengthen the vessels and adjust the blood pressure. Also athlete can take medications with anti-catabolic effect and simply protein to feed his muscles. However, if the task is not only to train but also to progress quickly, build your body and look big, muscular, and strong while having a small percentage of fat, then athletes can use steroids.


The main steroid that is applied in bodybuilding is testosterone and its derivatives. Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in the male body that is responsible for potency, reproductive function, and muscle growth. It is also produced in the female body but in much smaller quantities.

In modern sports pharmacology, there are hundreds of testosterone-based drugs that satisfy various goals and objectives for athletes. All of them differ in their anabolic activity exposure to the body’s risk of side effects. In general, it is customary to allocate 5 significant groups of steroids for bodybuilding.


  • Steroids for building muscle
  • Steroids for increasing power performance
  • Steroids for increasing the speed
  • Steroids for weight loss
  • Steroids for muscle relief


They are all available in two types: in the form of tablets that are taken orally or injected into the larger muscles. The most famous drugs are taken mainly in this form.


Oral Injection
Mesterolone Drostanolone propionate
Metandienone Metenolone enanthate
Metenolone acetate Nandrolone decanoate
Methyltestosterone Nandrolone phenylpropionate
Stanozolol Testosterone


It should be understood that this is not a complete list of all steroids that can be used in bodybuilding.

What type of steroids for bodybuilding to choose?


There is no simple answer to this question. If a person is engaged in the gym from time to time, he may skip the training, or not be ready to follow a diet, but he wants to use steroids to pump his muscles, then this question should not stand at all. Steroids for bodybuilding are severe drugs that should be taken in a balanced way having previously considered all the pros and cons..


In general, an athlete who wants to start taking steroids is recommended to first work out without using the steroids for at least a year to strengthen the skeleton and ligaments in his body. This will help to avoid unwanted injuries because when taking steroids, muscles will grow much faster than before, and the musculoskeletal system should be prepared for this. The course of steroids is also chosen for a particular athlete, given his current physical condition and the goals he sets for himself. If everything is done correctly under the supervision of a specialist, the level of risk from taking steroids is reduced to almost zero, and the expected effect will be in line with the goals that the athlete set for himself.

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