Steroids for muscle growth. When to take and what to know.

How can steroids help muscle growth?

Every athlete who starts to exercise in the gym and sets a goal asks how to train better. What diet to choose, what supplements to use? In a word, how to make their activities more effective and get maximum results? Athletes who work out in the gym and want to grow muscles in a short time can decide to use steroids.

How steroids came into being?

The experience of using steroids begins in the 1930s when they were first synthesized. They were originally used to treat testosterone deficient patients. Then it also turned out that the use of steroids by athletes gives a huge bonus to strength and endurance and help to pump up muscle. These drugs became widely available in the 60s, and now they are almost the main drug in bodybuilding.

Using steroids also can help amateurs who pursue their goals. However, before you embark on this path, you need to learn what steroids are, how they work, and how to make them effective and safe in order to get exactly the result you expect eventually.

How do muscles grow, and what steroids do?

There is a straightforward pattern. The muscles of a human body correspond to the tasks that a person sets for himself. If an athlete runs then he will be hardy, but it doesn’t mean that he will get more muscle mass . This is simply irrational and contradicts the strain that running gives. The same can be observed when looking at arm wrestlers. They can have huge hands but not trained legs. That’s because they don’t pay as much attention to their legs as other muscle groups.

To build up a proportionately large muscle mass throughout the body, it is recommended to work with large weights, consume a lot of protein and give a severe load to large muscle groups such as the legs, back, and chest. This process is called muscle hypertrophy, and for this, our body uses a considerable amount of internal resources.

Muscle growth is actively involved in the sex hormone or testosterone and the growth hormone that produces our pituitary gland.The human body produces both of them in limited quantities, and an athlete as hard as he works in the gym, can not jump above his head. This is a very long process. It takes years of diligent continuous workouts and a strict diet to get big muscles  without steroids for muscle growth. In order to accelerate this process and get more visible results, athletes can use steroids that boost natural testosterone levels in the human body. Athletes can exercise more often, lift weights more, and recover faster. As a result, the athlete can get the desired muscle growth faster with steroids.

How do steroids work for muscle growth?

In modern sports practice, athletes mainly use anabolic steroids or anabolics to build muscle mass. These are medications synthesized on the basis of testosterone and growth hormone. Now there are more than 100 kinds of anabolic steroids, they are available as tablets or in liquid form for injection. Each option has its pros and cons.

  • Injections – less convenient to take the drug, but the result appears more quickly.
  • Oral intake is a greater risk of unwanted side effects. A more practical and mild form of intake.

Regardless of how the steroids enter the body, it affects the same systems of the human body – increasing the level of testosterone and triggering a chain of processes that helps muscle growth.

Steroids raise the protein synthesis, reduces cortisol production, reduces inflammatory processes in the body, and affects lipolysis. All this leads us to the main question, what tangible effect does an athlete get when taking steroids?

Visible Result. How do Steroids Effect Muscle Mass Exercises?

The effects of taking steroids for muscle growth are colossal. According to the most modest estimates, taking anabolic steroids can increase the effectiveness of training by 2-3 times. Usually, it’s about quadrupling the training effect. What the athlete gets:


  • Rapid growth of muscle mass due to the acceleration of protein synthesis
  • Increased strength levels that are directly dependent on muscle growth
  • Increased endurance due to reduced cortisol production
  • Reduction of inflammatory processes in the body due to the acceleration of metabolism
  • Lower fat levels due to the fact that fatty acids are beginning to be used as energy for strength exercises.

It is important to note that all this is possible only if you use steroids and diligently do it while consuming a large amount of protein food. After all, protein is the primary building material for muscle growth. Just taking the drug will not have any effect, on the contrary, due to the fact that supplemental testosterone is not used in the body, health problems may arise.

Big step. When can steroids be used to build muscle mass?

It is up to the athlete to decide whether or not to take steroids to build muscle mass. Usually, the main motives are the desire to improve their physical form, get off the “plateau” when regular training no longer gives the desired result and athlete muscle doesn’t growth. In this case, taking drugs will help to gain additional weight in the form of dry muscles. The other motive may be the desire to start your career in posing or just the desire to get large relief muscles in a conditionally short time.

It’s not that simple. What is better to know before taking steroids?

It is essential to understand that anabolic steroids are not a harmless addition to your training process. It should also be clearly understood that anabolic steroids are not a magic pill or shot that will do all the work instead of an athlete. These are serious drugs that give a considerable effect only in combination with strength training and a high protein diet. The best way to take steroids for athletes is to make sure that he has no health contraindications, that he will be able to follow the regimen and dosages, and in constant consultation with a doctor. In this case, if the dosage is chosen correctly, the diet is respected, and the training is correctly built, the risk of side effects is minimized, and effects are maximized.

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